Our 3 'Golden Rules'

At Play in Ltd, your child's safety and happiness is our top priority. In order to make sure everyone is aware of our club's behaviour rules to keep everyone safe and happy, we wanted to remind all parents and children of our 3 Golden Rules, which apply to after school club and holiday club:

1) Be polite and respect each other

2) Listen to staff instruction

3) Keep hands, feet and objects to myself

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in:

1) A verbal warning

2) Time out (according to child's age e.g/ a 6 year old will have 6 minutes time out, a 10 year old will have 10 minutes etc.)

3) If behaviour persists and child is not responding to 1) and 2), a phone call to parents will be made to collect their child

In order to help all children follow and respect these rules, please show them this post or simply remind them of the 3 Golden Rules!


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