An Average Day

holiday club

From start to finish, we want you to know what your little ones are getting up to. This means that you’re able to ensure that this club is the right place to leave your child.

Meet and Greet

All children to meet friends, settle in and choose from various games and adult led play activities.

CCT- Children’s choosing time

Staff led craft/cooking/science/sports activities. Children have the choice to join in with these structured activities, or choose their own free play or games which our staff help to support.


All children have the choice of a healthy snack, drink and chance to get ready for our first special event.

Special event 1

All children are welcome to join in with our first special event of the day. Led by professional activity companies both indoors and outdoors to provide the wow factor for all children aged 4-11! Please check the online schedule for your chosen club to see what is on offer each day as activities are  different every day to offer your child variety and choice!


Children can enjoy their packed lunch with their friends in a sociable ‘dining room’ style set up, then enjoy the start of a film (which is voted for by the children) or have quiet, relaxed time.


Children get chance to rest, play or get ready for the second special event of the day.

Special Event 2

All children are welcome to join in with the second special event of the day. Led by professional activity companies both indoors and outdoors to provide the second chance to be part of something special and different for the day!


All children are offered a healthy snack and drink to keep them going throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Meet and Greet

Children can go all out by joining in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities which vary daily depending on the children at the club. From child led indoor group games, quizzes and competitions to baking and crafts, outdoor sports and games of capture the flag and mission impossible, there is always a wide variety of games and activities for your child to enjoy.


Kick back, Relax and Enjoy

After an action packed day full of activities and play, children get this time to recharge their batteries before going home. Children are given the option to continue with play or finish off the film that was started at lunchtime (or choose by popular demand a suitable DVD for all children aged 4-11 to enjoy).


Meet and Greet

A chance for parents to find out what activities their children have been doing throughout the day. Children are able to collect belongings and any crafts or activities they might have made before going home to rest for another action packed day at Play in …!

CALL US, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, for information on how our holiday club runs.


“The thing I love most about Play In is the whole team looking after me!” – Orla, Age 10